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Melassi Photography is deeply connected with this part called Personal Work, as this is the part reflecting the ideas and momental inspirations she has. 


There are projects that Melassi Photographer creates for clients and there are others that she creates for herself. This is something important to give yourself the chance to aim your skills at your own personal projects and develop your own work from time to time.


Melassi Photography beleives that every photographer needs to shoot personal work. It is a must, it is something that photographer need to plan in their weekly or monthly schedule. Such kind of shootings will keep the artist from becoming burnt out with the day-to-day mundane events like sitting in front of a computer screen, or any other routine chore necessary to run the photography business. Some projects will have photographer itching to get started just knowing that he/she is going to pad the book with killer new images, others just aren't there.


Melassi Photography thinks that it is imperative to shoot personal work no matter what the subject matter is. If the person enjoys photographing kittens playing in the grass or tree shadows on brick buildings, it is vital to get out and make it happen. Melassi Photography jumps up and gets to all ideas at once and doesn’t let the idea fade out, whatever it is. She doesn’t care what to shoot as long as she is creating work that feels right to her. Once she has wrapped up a self-assigned project, she feels much better about her personal work and shares it with the world.

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