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Architecture is a broad subject, encompassing everything from skyscrapers to shacks. Virtually everywhere we go, we are surrounded by some sort of architecture on a daily basis. Because of this, it should come as no surprise that architecture is such a popular subject in photography. Melassi Photography takes the pictures of the stones and the glasses surrounding people. Something we get used of so that finaly stop noticing. Buildings make us feel alone, feel so small, make us feel unpowerful. People cross the same buildings days after days without paying any attention.

Melassi Photography is presenting you here the architecture from her point of view. 


Landscape photography is Melassi Photography's favorite theme. There awaits a wealth of natural landscapes filled with beauty and drama, always changing with the seasons. There is no false, no cheating in what nature creates. The only thing to do is to watch, to observe and to capture the unique and unforgettable moments you come across. While being child Melassi Photography used to spend the hours alone among the grass, the fields, surrounded by amazing song of nature. She could stay a day watching the ants, beetles or even worns digging... While travelling with her family, her favorite seat was behind the window, in order to enjoy the outstanding landscapes Tajikistan offers.

Even nowadays Melassi Photography does need to pass one hole month per year somewhere far from the technology, the noise of big cities, to release tension and to renew the ideas and inspiration.

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